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Biz Help 101's Finance Builders is the best in the world at matching qualified entrepreneurs with lenders, investors, and other funding sources

Are you an Investor?

If so, we’d love to introduce you to qualified entrepreneurs

  • Pre-Screened Deal Flow - Finance Builders team of experienced analysts finds quality investment opportunities and puts each entrepreneur through an in-depth due diligence and pre-screening process prior to introducing them to our network of accredited investors. Rest assured that deals presented to you directly from our team are quality and worthy of your time and consideration.
  • SpeedPitch & CrowdPitch Events - Finance Builders is rapidly expanding throughout the United States. Join our network for information regarding how to register and attend one of our monthly live events.
  • Online Pitches - Listen to qualified entrepreneurs pitch to you from the comfort of your home or office. Join us for one of our webinar pitches in which we showcase five of the top deals we are currently working with. After each presentation, each of the investors in attendance is given a few minutes to learn more about the company by asking questions and sharing feedback.
  • Unbiased Opinions & Insight Into Deals - Help 101's Finance Builders works with several entrepreneurs each month. We see the good deals and the bad ones and have the know-how to tell the difference. Our analysts are available to share insight, answer questions, and provide the information you need to accurately evaluate an investment opportunity.
  • Private, Secure Network - Your contact information is kept secure and private. Because our network is permission-based, no member (or entrepreneur) will see your personal information unless you allow them access.
  • Free Deal Screening - bring your deal flow to Finance Builders and let us do the dirty work of pre-screening your deals for you. Sign up now to learn more.

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