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NO Upfront Costs. 10% Success Fee on the Back-End. If your Personal Credit meets the Credit Requirements below and you already have a Business that is over 2 Years Old, or if you purchase a 2+ Year Old Credit-Ready Aged Corp from, then you can go on our Corporate Funding Program. This Program is designed to get you Approved for Unsecured Corporate Credit Cards and is a FULL SERVICE Program in the sense that we complete and manage all Credit Card Applications for you – All you need to do is provide any supporting Documentation Lenders may ask for, such as Utility Bill, Phone Bill, Bank Statement, Articles of Incorporation, Business License, etc. in a timely manner so your Applications can be Approved as quickly as possible.


 1.  3+ Years of Clean Credit History (Ideally 5+ Years):
No Derogatory Items or at least none in the recent past. If your Credit History is not at least 3 Years Old, we can add Seasoned Tradelines from to your Credit Report so you meet this Requirement. If you have any Negative Items on your Credit, our Company  can remove ALL Negative Items within just 1 to 3 Weeks via the Fast-Track Credit Sweep option.

2.  3+ Open Revolving Credit Accounts:

If you don’t have at least 3 Open Revolving Accounts, then we can add Seasoned Tradelines to your Credit Report so you meet this Requirement.

3.  30% or Lower Revolving Debt Ratio:
If your Combined Unsecured Revolving Debt is more than 30% of your Combined Unsecured Revolving Credit Limit, then you need to either pay down the Unsecured Debt to under 30% or we can add Seasoned Tradelines to your Credit Report to dilute the Revolving Debt Ratio down to under 30%.

4.  700+ Credit Scores:

If your Scores are under 700, then we can add Seasoned Tradelines to dramatically increase your Credit Scores and the overall Quality of your Personal Credit History in only 3 Weeks! It’s common to see Credit Scores jump up 50 to 150 Points in 3 Weeks – This is the Real Deal.

5. No More Than 6 Inquiries per Credit Bureau in the last 6 Months:

If you have too many Inquiries, our Company can remove them all for you within only 1 to 3 Weeks under the Expedited Option as long as they did not result in a  new Personal Credit Account being opened.

Other Funding programs

Finance Buiders offers other funding solutions.  The above is the optimum requirements, so please fill out the application and let us go to work to get you the funding you want or need.

Unsecured Funding Application

Employment Information

Employer Name

Years at employment

Job Title

Employement address

Work Number


You hereby authorize us to send written demand to Lenders ordering them to immediately terminate and shut down any Credit Accounts obtained on your behalf for which you fail to pay the Success Fees Due or for which the Success Fees due cannot be determined due to your failure to provide Approval/Denial Letters.

Do you accept our Unpaid Success Fee Policy?*

Existing Credit Cards

Please list ALL your Open Credit Card Accounts.

List ONE Credit Card per Line. Example: Capital One Venture Rewards VISA. $10,000 Limit.

Driver's License Information

Driver's LIcense Number

Expiration Date

Date Issued

State Issued

Personal Information

City/ State

Full Name

Street Address

Email Address

Date of Birth

Social Security #

Years at this address

Zip Code


1. You agree to pay us the Success Fee of 10% (Ten Percent) of the maximum credit limit or maximum gross loan amount of each credit facility approved with our assistance and understand that Success Fees are due within 3 business days after you receive access to funds. For Credit Card Approvals, we allow you to pay the Success Fee using the actual Credit Card(s) you receive in the mail. We may submit up to a Maximum of 15 Credit Applications for you and/or your Business to Lenders we select. Any additional Credit Applications will need your written authorization. We cannot guarantee that you will be approved for any particular amount of financing. Results vary from Client to Client. We will not honor any request to limit, restrict, and/or exclude any Lender(s) or Financial Product(s) from our internal list of potential Lenders we may submit your Credit Application to. By using our Service you are trusting our judgment in selecting all Lenders and Financial Products.
2. You must be actively involved in the application process and follow our instructions in a timely manner. We will always do as much as possible to save you time and facilitate the process for you, but there are certain things you will need to do yourself. You must be honest and tell us the truth about how much you are approved for with each lender, and you must be ready and willing to accept all the unsecured financing we obtain for you up to your requested maximum – whether it is a Loan, Line of Credit, or Credit Card, and you must not intentionally sabotage any Approvals we obtain for you by failing to provide information, failing to do verification calls, and/or declining Approvals. 
3. You must inform us of each lender’s approval or denial decision in a timely manner. You will do this by providing us with either an approval or denial letter from the lender within a maximum of 30 calendar days from each credit application’s submission date. 

Do you accept our Terms of Use and Important Disclosures?*

You must accept to continue.


Once you activate a Credit Card, Loan, or Line of Credit and have access to the Funds, our Success Fee for the Approval is Fully-Earned and Non-Refundable. We are not responsible for subsequent Lender actions after a Credit Facility is activated.

Do you accept our Refund Policy?*

No-Limit Personal Charge Card for Monthly Expenses?*

No Pre-Set Spending Limit. Excellent source of Capital for Monthly Expenses. Personal Charge Card is billed as a $10,000 Approval.

Maximum Personal Financing You Will Accept*

$50,000 Minimum. $250,000 Maximum.

Select the Funding Program(s) you want to Sign-Up for*

If you have a Business, Sign-Up for both Programs to maximize Funding Results.

Credit Scores*

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